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The last time your four-legged friend got up close and personal, did you get the urge to slip them a breath mint? Have you made excuses like, “Oh, it’s just dog breath” or “That’s normal for all pets”?

Contrary to popular belief, bad breath isn’t something that all pet owners simply have to live with. In fact, that unpleasant odor could be a sign of a serious medical condition called dental disease.

When not properly cared for, plaque and tartar can build up on your pet’s teeth, creating the perfect environment for dangerous bacteria to breed. Eventually, this bacteria can lead to dental disease, a serious yet common medical condition that can spread throughout your pet’s entire body, potentially causing problems with the liver, heart and kidneys.

By the time your dog or cat reaches adulthood, chances are he or she is already suffering from some type of dental problem. The only way to help your companion beat the odds is by making a commitment to dental care, both professional and at home.

Happy Tails Animal Hospital offers complete professional pet dentistry services to manage your companion’s oral health. Our highly skilled technicians are trained in all aspects of pet dental services, including preventative care like exams, cleanings, polishings and dental x-rays to further evaluate your companion’s oral health. We are also able to perform a wide variety of advanced dental treatments to address existing oral health problems, such as tooth extractions and oral surgery.

So is that all it takes to keep your pet’s mouth healthy? A trip to the pet dentist once a year? Not so fast. As your pet’s caring parent, you also play an important role in their dental health. Just as you wouldn’t go weeks or months without brushing your own teeth in between visits to the dentist, your pet’s teeth also need to be brushed on a regular basis – preferably daily. Our staff will be happy to work with you to show you demonstrations and provide advice on certain products to use at home that promote good dental health year-round.

Together we’ll work hard to get your pet on the path to a lifetime of good oral health.