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    Have you ever been to a vet’s office that made you feel like an outsider or you felt rushed; your concerns unheard; your questions unanswered? Where it felt more like a cold clinic than a warm place where you and your pet were welcome? At Happy Tails Animal Hospital in the Biloxi and D’Iberville area, we want to change that. We believe that quality veterinary care starts with relationships, and making our patients and the people who love them feel right at home. While we’ve worked hard to outfit our hospital with state of the art equipment and cutting edge technology, we’ve worked even harder to create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

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    Assembling a Pet Emergency Kit

    Sep 15, 2014

    Do you know what’s most scary about emergencies? The fact that you never know when one might happen! As such, it’s essential to be prepared, especially when it comes to your pet. Learn how to assemble a pet emergency kit … Read More »

    Preventing Your Dog From Chasing Cars

    Sep 01, 2014

    Does your dog like to dart after the first car he sees driving by? Obviously, this is an undesirable and dangerous habit. Learn how to prevent your pooch’s behavior by taking note of your Biloxi veterinarian’s tips: Secure Your Dog … Read More »

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