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    Have you ever been to a vet’s office that made you feel like an outsider? Where you felt rushed; your concerns unheard; your questions unanswered? Where it felt more like a cold clinic than a warm place where you and your pet were welcome. At Happy Tails Animal Hospital, we want to change that. We believe that quality veterinary care starts with relationships, and making our patients and the people who love them feel right at home. While we’ve worked hard to outfit our hospital with state of the art equipment and cutting edge technology, we’ve worked even harder to create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

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    Combating Your Dog’s Doorbell Excitement

    Jan 01, 2014

    Many a dog owner has experienced their pet making a mad dash to the door, yelping and barking, when the doorbell rings. This behavior can be undesirable, but it can also be dangerous since your dog could potentially escape when … Read More »

    UTIs in Cats

    Dec 15, 2013

    Urinary tract infections can occur in cats, and are in fact fairly common in both male and female felines. Learn more about the infections and how to treat them as your Biloxi veterinarian discusses UTIs here. Causes Urinary tract infections … Read More »

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